Updates and errata:
Even with the publisher's crack editorial staff hard at work, goofy things slip through.

A couple of corrections:
    Our pal Marcos Tello was referred to as Marcos Tellos
    A missing apostrophe in the word "Tello's" snowballed...  Sorry!
    You probably also need to know that there are two Library Bars in     Los Angeles.  The television that we mentioned is at the other one.

Some updates:
    We are totally bummed that the excellent Sambar in Seattle
        has closed.  Don't go there.
    It also seems that Tar Pit in Los Angeles came and went
        rather quickly.  Don't go there.
    Dragonfly in Cleveland is gone too.  Don't go there.
    Beta by Sabor in Milwaukee is also gone.  Don't go there.
    We also regret to inform you that there are no free hot dogs at  PKNY in Manhattan. 
        We were misinformed.  Annnnd... they're closing in July, 2013.  Don't go there.
    The Museum of the American Cocktail in New Orleans is moving to a larger location nearby.
        They're due to reopen spring, 2013.  Go there.

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